Saturday, April 12

The Comedy Store Click for more info

I spent the evening queuing up and being in the audience for The Comedy Store, apparently one of London's more famous stand-up venues. For over two hours we saw a total of five acts (excluding the MC) creasing us up so badly that by the end of it throats were sore and jaws were hurting.

John Fothergill acted as teh glue that held the show together, and to be frank he was one of the funniest guys there (even if it was at the expense of some poor chap at the front of the audience). Dave Fulton from the USA was my favourite followed closely by Lloyd Langford and then (the disgusting for some) Micky Flanagan. Andy Askins was okay when he was making jokes, but I didn't find the pulling of faces as funny as the rest of the audience. Tiffany Something (I forget) was given an open mic and caught the smallest response from the crowds although I did find her humours at times (I can't have been the only one there who knew what a gilf was).

I'm ashamed to say that I've never been to a live comedy gig, and the whole session was a blummin' revelation. That comedy like this was so accessible and cheap (tickets were £18) was amazing, and as usual there's always something about being at a gig live that makes it that more special. I definitely plan on going back and even introducing the whole thing to other people missing out like I was - I'm actually bummed that I didn't get a chance to experience this before!