Wednesday, April 30

The Apprentice: Theories

Based on the past six or so shows, I have come to the following conclusions:

  • Lee and Alex fancy Sara who in turn has spurned their advances. There is no other explanation for their treatment of her tonight.
  • Jenny and Jennifer are both jealous of Sara. There is no other reason for their treatment of her tonight.
  • Raef is a hero.
  • Claire is a bit of an anti-hero, but is starting to shine.
  • Kevin fancies Jenny and will do anything to spare her a boardroom even if it was patently clear she was at fault.
  • Michael fancies Kevin.
  • Kevin is a bit of a dick.


  1. Anonymous13:22

    Raef is a hero...LOVE him! But didn't you think Sara was a bit weak? Every time she spoke in the boardroom she sounded like she was going to cry. And then when they were all attacking her at the house she didn't say anything to defend herself. She won't win the show fading into the background and having no personality.

  2. Anonymous13:27

    You have to remember that we only see so much of what actually happened. There have been times where the not-so-good editing team have cut out chunks of good tv.

    Didnt Lee look like an ugly mentally dearranged dog when he was launching into Sara at the house?

  3. The American series just ended on our screens last week. The winner Randall deserved it-but so did Rebecca. South Africa only had one series thus far, with two winners-what an anticlimax. I'd love for there to be another series-& I'd love to take part. I wonder why we haven't been shown the British version on our screen...guess Trump is the trump card (weak, I know)