Wednesday, April 9

Shak's Choice: Sara Dhada Click for more info

Bang on schedule, it's the provocatively potty mouthed Apprentice candidate, Sara Dhada:

It's not just that she's hot and with the prettiest eyes on our screens right now; no, as proven on today's show Sara is a winner too. And this talent isn't just restricted to reality television either: when she's not leading her team to success she's both a trained lawyer and car saleswoman. Amazingly multi-talented, no?

Okay so she can't really cook (well, a curry anyway) but then I've always said that a lack of culinary skills meant nothing to me. She also appears to have a very... brave sense of dress but since she obviously realises how awesome dangling earrings are for this she can be forgiven.

And for those who think I inevitably go after any Asian female who happens to be on The Apprentice, I can think of at least one that didn't make the cut. So there.