Wednesday, April 9

Shak's Choice: Sara Dhada Click for more info

Bang on schedule, it's the provocatively potty mouthed Apprentice candidate, Sara Dhada:

It's not just that she's hot and with the prettiest eyes on our screens right now; no, as proven on today's show Sara is a winner too. And this talent isn't just restricted to reality television either: when she's not leading her team to success she's both a trained lawyer and car saleswoman. Amazingly multi-talented, no?

Okay so she can't really cook (well, a curry anyway) but then I've always said that a lack of culinary skills meant nothing to me. She also appears to have a very... brave sense of dress but since she obviously realises how awesome dangling earrings are for this she can be forgiven.

And for those who think I inevitably go after any Asian female who happens to be on The Apprentice, I can think of at least one that didn't make the cut. So there.


  1. Anonymous00:07

    Almost the perfect woman??

  2. Anonymous00:12

    Claire......SHUT THE F**K UP!

  3. Anonymous09:06

    Prettist eyes!! Well, she needs to wash her mouth out with soap and water!!

  4. Anonymous13:27

    have you lost your mind mate??? she's so irritating...the voice is enough to drive you mad.

  5. Anonymous14:09

    The standards are dropping I think!

  6. That is one frumpy coat she has on!!

  7. She's Khatri....

  8. Anonymous17:08

    “pure class and elegance” LOL I am sorry but all the comments on here make be laff – its like they are all posted by her relatives. There is nothing classy about her – from her dress sense to her accent to her looks who would have thought she has done a degree. She doesn’t stand out and shine is always in the background. She tries to be firm and assertive by swearing – it might make good entertainment but it certainly isn’t the makings of the apprentice. What are her motives for working for sir allen- if her own father is a self made millionaire? Why not just continue to work in the family business?

  9. Anonymous10:40

    I think she's brilliant she always gets on with the task at hand. However, when needs be she does stick up for herself like in week 3and sticks up for others like Lucinda and Simon. She is the only girl who I have respect for. Oh and she's the most good looking out of the girl she even looked amazing first thing in the morning.

  10. Anonymous11:33

    I love you....marry me?

  11. Anonymous19:41

    i'm sure only her family, friend and relatives are posting good comments about her.

    Every time she speaks or swears! it's like she's got a cold and talking through her nose. Then again she's indian and they all talk like that.

    Her brothers are probably fantasing about her with white/black dudes now that she's appeared on telly.

  12. Anonymous21:33

    Why did she get fired? She's very likeable character, bot nice on the outside and to meet seems sometimes when a woman is very beautiful and successful others just have to criticise...maybe there all just jealous.

  13. Anonymous15:36

    Sara is absolutely wonderful.. Her looks.. her smile.. her eyes.. her whole posture is just beautiful. I don't know.. why the hell she got fired? But she shouldn't have been fired.. I don't know why people are critising her.. because she is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous18:08

    this seems to go on and on.... but the truth is there was nothing to the girl - she wasn't beautiful (i have seen more hot totty in bradford collage ...) she isn't sucessful (any asian girl can claim to be working for a sucessful family business - tell which asian family doesnt have a family business) i am so glad she has gone - good ridence she was a poor representation of the morden asian sucess queen - she was a mere shadow of one - she makes me sick and trust me I am a sucessful asain business lady and sara is no match for me

  15. Anonymous00:08

    why do some asian ladies have to be jealous of other asian ladies doing well. Can't you all just be happy for each other and support one another.....I have seen this too often. Of course there was something to her otherwise she woul'nt have been chosen out of 20,000 poeple, & her ideas were great on the show she displayed more common sense than the others....get you're facts straight & back ur comments by evidence.

  16. Anonymous12:48

    to the 18.08 post.... the "sucessful asain business lady" ....i wouldnt want to buy anything from you, you can't even spell properly. Back to school for you lady.....!

  17. Anonymous11:42

    I think everyone is being unreasonable. In comparison with most of the other women we saw in series 4 you could almost say that she seemed perfect.
    Both of the jennifers, helene so of the other contestants that ive forgotten about... what a bunch of venomous tossers. the standards of this show have realllly gone down. Most of them made me feel embarrassed to be a woman. So maybe if she was in series 1-3... she would have been shit, but if we put her into the context of series 4! i quite agree with the blog. She was great.
    And to that idiot who said all indians talk like that... that is so fucked up of u, no, i am not asian, so i am not being biased when i say that, that was a prejudiced thing to say...
    clearly the standards of the viewers have gone down with the show.