Wednesday, April 2

A Political Dinner Party

Tonight I was invited to a GLA candidate's launch dinner. It's probably not appropriate to say who they were or what party or ward they were running for; for one thing I don't want to give any free coverage and I'm equally sure they don't want it!

This is probably the closest I've ever been in bed with a politician, and it was interesting to see how they rally the existing troops and recruit others. Needless to say I made it clear I wasn't available for any further canvassing or, heavens forbid, leaflet dropping.

It didn't really change my opinion of politics or politicians either - manipulation and smart-talking was the order of the day, rather than anything of real substance. Having said that, perhaps I'm being a bit harsh: to be honest I was paying more attention to the food and people I had come with than what was being said.

For a free night out, it wasn't bad. Heck I'd even listen to a politician again if they fed me the same. Does that make me politically cheap?