Sunday, April 27

Film: 21 Click for more info

21 is about a group of super-smart MIT students who band together in order to game Las Vegas casinos by counting cards, a premise that paves the way for a shallow, yet entertaining and thrilling, two hours or so.

There isn't really much that challenges the viewer in this film: the plot is simple and the film did a good job at explaining how the concept of card counting works, although judging by the way my Imperial colleague and I were reminded of our university lectures by some scenes of the film ("The Game Show problem, anyone?) perhaps we were at an advantage.

The acting was good too, with Jim Sturgess only becoming annoying a few times. The veterans Kevin Spacey and Lawrence Fishbourne propped up the rest of the young cast (unfortunately we didn't get to see Kate Bosworth's feet this time around).

Accessible yet clever, fun and easy going, it was just the ticket for a Sunday afternoon. Recommended.

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