Friday, April 18

Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) Click for more info


On the one hand we have a very slick FPS set in modern times, with a modern plot and weapons. The presentation is excellent and the game fun (albeit superficially) and easy to play and get in to. A bit where you call for air cover and then take control of the plane to cover the character you were just playing springs to mind. Very nice.

But there's something just unsatisfying about the whole experience, like it's not giving you enough of the good stuff while you're playing. It could very well be how you play as a team and not solo - I can't say I've really ever played a game like that and I seem to be uncomfortable with how my team mates keep playing the game for me. Honestly sometimes by the time I've sorted out my position they've cleared the area.

Apparently the game is short so I'll bear with it just to see how the story unfolds. As an experience it's very good, as a game less so.

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