Monday, April 14

Things That Pee Me Off #12: People Who Laugh At Their Own Jokes

Okay look, I admit it. I think I'm funny. A lot of unfunny people think that they are, and so while I'm not proud of this self awareness, I will also accept that I am most probably wrong. But I don't really have a problem with people who put themselves in such good measure.

No, I just can't stand people who manifest this opinion of themselves by laughing at what they just cracked. To be honest it wouldn't be much of a big deal if everyone else was laughing also, but those who laugh at their own jokes are also usually the ones who found it most funny and so they're also the loudest.

The fact is that most of the time they're the only ones laughing, apart from a few others who choose to be polite and respond to the prompting, possibly out of pity or politeness. Yes it's always good to promote laughter from those around you, but I think it's quite perverse to crease up at something you said yourself. In fact I can liken it to some other forms of self gratification.

My advice to them is to keep it down, show a bit of humility and let others decide whether what you said was worth laughing at or not - perhaps it would have been if you kept quiet? Chances are it wasn't though, and so carrying on and laughing just makes you doubly wrong.