Wednesday, April 30

Film: Forgetting Sarah Marshall Click for more info

Kristen Bell! Mila Kunis!

Okay it probably goes without saying that this film only got my attention once I realised who was in it. Still, after I found out that it had also been produced by Apatow I created a more sensible justification to actually watch it.

Sarah Marshall follows on well from the likes of Superbad and Knocked Up, prioritising comedy at the cost of any sense of plot or flow. If you're interested in the story anyway it has something to do with some Peter guy trying to get over the Sarah from the title.

But when the film isn't trying to tell us a tale (so around 90% of the time), it instead repeatedly throws random gag after random gag at the audience, hoping that something will make you laugh. And after a while, once it's beaten down your defenses, you don't really have a choice but laugh at most of it.

It's a bit hit and miss then, just like a friend who's funny most of the time. That's probably enough to recommend it anyway, but with the likes of Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis in the main cast it becomes a must-see. Even Russel Brand didn't spoil the film for me (and I refuse to admit that he might have even added value to it).