Wednesday, April 16

Film: Son of Rambow Click for more info

Cute tale about a pair of schoolkids turning to film production to escape the various problems they face at home - what ensues is essentially a story of friendship. The film within the film is "Son of Ranbow", a sequel of sorts to the recently released First Blood.

The film was more fantastical than I expected it to be, with lots of comic book cutaway and slapstick. Although this made the film more accessible than it would have been otherwise, it also had the effect of making it a bit shallow - you never once believed that the characters, location and context was to do with anything other than young children with wild imaginations.

On the other hand the film did provide lots of laughs and is brimming with feel good factor - watch this if you're in need of a lift. And despite how easy going it all was there were some powerful moments with the two main child actors Bill Milner and Will Poulter putting some of the adults to shame.

All in all a well made and tight film about what it means to be best buddies. Recommended.