Monday, April 14

An Unlazy Sunday

Sometimes you have such a perfectly synchronised day that you feel like you've wasted all others that week - that in fact the past six days were just all leading up to this one.

Today was such a day for me. It was partly typical - I started with an early long run with my neighbour (something we hadn't done since I returned from my travelling) followed by my teaching at ICSS (I was scheduled to come in today).

I left early in order to catch the top end of a family lunch we were having. I couldn't hang around though because I had to leave for South Woodford mosque: today also happened to be the date for the latest QMT Marriage Event thing. I had missed the last one and so made it a point to attend and as usual it was pretty good - with those of us leaving without any leads or interests not finding it a waste of time like we might have other events. The crowd also seems to be getting bigger, and I had known friends attending on both sides.

I had to yet again leave early in order to catch the tail end of a lunch party I had been invited to elsewhere. I arrived just in time, managing to catch dessert, and the next few hours were spent having various (semantic and otherwise) arguments regarding prejudice and racism. It was great and I think we could have gone on for much longer.

The evening was suffixed by an impromptu dinner out with yet another group of friends. It was very last minute (I missed the initial invitation) and I wasn't even going to go - but that I was locked out of my house meant I had to. I was glad I did since the day was made perfect by the final session of banter, food and hanging out.

And of course best of all is the feeling when you come home late on a Sunday, not having to worry about work the next day! Playboy lifestyle it might not be, but it's good enough for me.