Saturday, March 29

Film: 27 Dresses Click for more info

Yep, yet another romcom seen with a bunch of lads. But that's neither here nor there, as 27 Dresses was entertaining enough to distract me from who I was watching it with. It's all good.

The film itself was standard fare, something to be expected when you start with such an unambitious context. Jane is the classic "always the bridesmaid", eagerly awaiting her own special day - and that's just about it really. The rest of the story revolves around a somewhat inevitable love triangle that such a set up has to have.

It's a shame that there was so little to work with really, considering the efforts put into making it. The totally charming Katherine Heigl did brilliantly as Jane, while the rest of the cast did their part. The film as a whole was adequately put together too, ending up with a fairly good, yet frustrating, watch.

Recommended, but only if you're going to watch it on a date.