Sunday, March 23

Film: Race Click for more info

On paper this should have been a pile of poop. I mean it's called "Race" for heaven's sake! Personally I went in expecting another Dus or Dhoom, you know, something with all the glitter but not much gold. Not that I mind all that really: I was actually looking forward to a Saturday night of shallow plots and eye candy.

But Race provided a bit more than that. I mean I would still class it in the same genre, but somehow the makers of this film managed to slip in a half decent story, some above average acting and so many laughs you begin to think you're actually watching a comedy. And I think it's this that makes the film so enjoyable: how it manages to keep you on your toes, wondering where the heck it's going to go next.

So yes, even if you are just looking for shallow plots and eye candy (and there's plenty of that in here; I've even started to like Katrina Kaif now) then Race will deliver in spades. Just don't be surprised if you get slightly more than what you were expecting.

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