Tuesday, March 18

Film: 10,000 B.C. Click for more info

I'm pretty sure they got the date wrong on this one. I mean for a start did they really speak English way back then? Anyway I guess as long as you accept that the premise of this film, that it's set 12,000 years ago, is nothing but a gimmick (or marketing peeing contest: "first hero" my bum) you might find yourself vaguely enjoying it.

Well, if you can get past the first hour or so of dross that is. There's not much substance till the final set piece I'm afraid, and even then it's arguable whether it's worth waiting for.

In the meantime you're presented with some adequate acting, struggling to be seen past some poor direction and a lifeless plot. It's really not good enough for the modern epic 10,000 BC tries desperately to be.

I can't recommend it really. Perhaps a DVD rental would suffice; but only if you skip straight to the ending, that is.