Saturday, March 29

Afrika! Afrika! Click for more info

A free Friday evening and two complimentary tickets didn't really leave me with any other option but to go down to the O2 and check this show out. Think a variety show-cum-circus and you'll be close to imagining how Afrika! Afrika! was.

So tonight I saw basketball tricksters, unicyclists, pole, break and African dancers, acrobats, jugglers, plate spinners and contortionists. Most of the music was live too which was a bonus. I was rarely unimpressed: for me the highlights included the human pyramids and jugglers. Oh, and I couldn't even stop myself from shouting out in shock at what the contortionists were doing.

I'm not too sure what the link between the acts were: some acts were anything but African in nature so if you're expecting some kind of cultural show you may be a bit disappointed. For the rest of you who just want an evening watching loads of different acts, Afrika! may just fulfil your needs.