Saturday, March 22

Zahera And Fuzail

To date, Zahera still remains the only friend I met on-line that I've willingly introduced to friends and family. Sure, there's been numerous other cases of cross-pollination of my respective friends (and I'm all up for that), but these have usually occurred online, as asides of other business or on professional levels. Zahera on the other hand is unique in having met my parents, my uni and local mates and has even gone under the critical and unforgiving (read: peetaking) eye of my volunteer friends.

But so what? Well, apart from providing me with a long and convoluted intro to this, my wedding tribute to her, I guess the point is that it's difficult to be ashamed of a friendship with a person like Zahera.

Friendly to the point of being annoying, I was always confident that she'd make the effort to get along with anyone I knew, regardless of their background. Whether it was out of respect for me or just because she's one of those mythically genuinely nice people we sometimes hear about didn't matter; I wanted as many people to know that she was a friend because, well, perhaps it would reflect on me as a person too.

In fact, if there's one criticism I have to make it's that she, ironically, makes friends a little too easily. Zahera is one who wears her heart a bit too openly on her sleeve, although I'm sure she'd say it's paid off more often than not. In any case she had people like me to warn her off the bad guys.

It's also blummin' difficult to remain annoyed at Zahera. Believe me, I've tried (I've already gotten over the fact that today's wedding was strictly segregated and that I only got to see her for a total of four minutes). On the flip side it's also difficult to annoy her back, she forgives easily when you do and doesn't hold a grudge so there's some balance there.

Only having met him today, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I don't really know Fuzail that well. First impressions were good though: he's tall (at least 7ft, I'd say), funny and has friendliness that almost matches that of his suitor. And of course he has cracking taste in women.

In any case I'm sure I'll get to know Fuzail better in the course of time - it's doubtful that a couple like this will fall into reclusion like how newly-weds often do. It's a bit of a sting that they'll both be moving to his homeland of South Africa, but then at least I have people there to visit now.


  1. hmm, Fuzail is what my mum calls head lice..

  2. Anonymous12:16


    and fuzail is lovely! they really do make an awesome couple :)

    for me z is the first ex-almber to get wed too..and funnily enough she was probably the youngest from the lot. not that that matters of course. good luck z....and resume blogging when you get there madam!

  3. *sob sob* this post makes me so teary. Youre a wonderful friend Shak.