Thursday, March 13

Film: Vantage Point Click for more info

On the surface, Vantage Point is an ambitious movie. It attempts to tell its story by giving it from multiple viewpoints, the idea being that each iteration gives you more and more of the complete picture. Not an easy task, and if I'm completely honest the film doesn't quite manage to pull it off.

Nevertheless, Vantage Point isn't actually that bad. It has enough action to keep the attention of even the most easily distracted member of the audience and doesn't even try to pretend that its anything more complicated than it is, apart from throwing in a couple of irrelevant twists at the end.

As long as you can ignore the fact that you are actually watching the same twenty minute film six or seven times in a row, it's easy enough to enjoy Vantage Point. Sure, the acting is shabby, and the production values poor, but the film is worth watching for the novelty factor alone. Just don't go in expecting anything too sophisticated.