Saturday, May 19

Trekking Around in Epping Forest

A bunch of us climbing Ben Nevis next week decided to have a bit of a trial run today by having a little walk through Epping forest. We were joined by a few that were not doing the whole mountain thing and all in all there were seven of us.

We were meant to have left at around noon, but we were typically late starting and almost an hour behind schedule before we took our first step. We did have a route in mind before we left from Chingford Station, but were soon going off the beaten path - experts at orienteering we were not.

Still, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon; we were going at it at a leisurely pace, chatting away. We stopped for lunch at around 3pm before heading back. I was running a bit late, and so left the main group in order to catch the Central Line from Loughton station. I was back home by 5pm; here is a quick map of the route I took.

Like I mentioned above, today was supposed to give us a taste for next week's more ambitious expedition, and to be honest I now can't wait.