Saturday, May 26

Maybe Taking On Too Much

So the second May Bank Holiday is here, and I'm a bit worried. I think I might have taken a bit too much on these next three days; in a bit I'll be leaving for Stamford Bridge in order to play a match on a pitch used for the Premiership, and from there I'll be heading to Heathrow in order to catch my flight to Scotland.

I only realised that they clashed after I had taken them both on; I could have backed out of one, but each are pretty unique opportunities for me (I doubt I'd have another chance to do either) so I didn't want to. Biting the bullet and taking the latest flight I could, I convinced myself I could do them both.

Separately, each of these would have been a breeze to take part in. But packing for two things, mentally preparing for both, and wondering whether I'll forget twice the amount of gear as usual was a bit panic inducing. I've tried to reduce it to a series of logical items on a checklist but that's only as good as your understanding of what will happen.

Anyway, one thing at a time. Although I think I'm ready for both, I'm not thinking of Scotland right now. Let me get to Stamford Bridge first and get that out of the way.

Till Tuesday!

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