Sunday, May 6

Geneva, Day Three: Pointful Wondering

Since we had managed to strike off most of our objectives day before, we had left this day free to do nothing. The sun had finally broken, leaving Geneva itself bright and dry.

But first we had to return our rental car. For some reason we had been caught totally off guard with this and risked returning it late (if at all - it turned out that we were up against closing time rather than our own return slot) and we hadn't even refuelled it yet. Cripes.

After a quick breakfast (and as an aside I think it's perfectly acceptable to have a hotel breakfast in your night clothes) and shower we were off, hunting around for a gas station. We finally found one, and got the car back to the depot just as the lady was turning the key to lock up. At this point I made a promise to myself to make sure we were at the airport two hours before out flight; I wondered if we had any more luck left for the remainder of the break.

The Geneva Marathon was held on Sunday, but we only caught the final stages of the race due to the shenanigans that morning. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the streets of Geneva without any real plan, chatting away and checking out the "atmosphere". And for those who want to know I found Geneva very lacking with respect to pretty women. Perhaps I was mistaking it for France, but I did expect quite a bit more.

We accidentally found a cathedral with a public tower, allowing us to see Geneva from pretty high up. Visibility had really cleared by then and we were able to (finally) see Mont Blanc and the lesser Alps; in some ways I held regret not being able to up close the day before. Pictures from all three days can be found on my Picasa.

As planned, we headed to the airport sooner rather than later. My friend is a frequent flyer and so had access to the BA executive lounge thingy - very swish and a nice way to spend time waiting for another delayed flight. But then it was finally time to go home and although we had a really good weekend, I couldn't help but feel that we had judged it perfectly with respect to getting all we could from it. I was glad I had another day left of my long weekend, one I didn't have to spend in Geneva.