Monday, May 7

Film: Spider-Man 3 Click for more info

The latest superhero smash to make our screens, Spider-Man 3 had the challenge of a blindingly good pedigree to live up to. And although it doesn't quite live up to it, it turned out to be pretty good all the same.

It improves on 2 just as 2 did on the original - consistent acting and scripts, better effects, more action and even more pace in the storyline. And I think that's where it kinda let itself down; there is so much packed into this film you eventually realise that it was impossible for the film makers to contain it all satisfactorily.

To that end, the quite superb battle scenes seem pasted together by the filler making up the rest of the film, some of it quite tenuous but all of it taking a back seat to the action. This is a bit of a shame, since it's the balance between the two that made the previous two flicks so great.

So, disappointing overall but a must see anyway; Spider-Man 3 ends up being a bitter pill you just can't resist swallowing and enjoying anyway.