Saturday, May 19

Engagements and Birthdays

Not that I'm any kind of social butterfly, but tonight was an especially busy time for me. Ordinarily I would have loved to have been in the middle of such a fight over my company, except that I actually wanted to be in two places at the same time this evening.

So I had a close friend's engagement party in Central London followed by another friend's birthday party in the East. The plan was to have dinner at the former since the latter type almost always ends up being late ones, but due to timing issues I had to bail without food.

I made it to Walthamstow's Chilli n Spice for half of the main course and the oh-so-valuable cake cutting. More importantly I caught the crowd before they moved onto a friends house for tea (or milk where applicable) and musical DVDs. Don't ask.

All in all a productive Friday night, social-wise. Almost enough for the whole weekend in fact!