Saturday, May 12

Film: 28 Weeks Later Click for more info

An apt sequel to the 2002 zombie flick, 28 Weeks Later covers the aftermath of the Rage Virus outbreak. Things seem under control with the US army at the helm, but in a classic example of a "what the hell are you doing?!?" cinema moment (the first of many) things go terribly wrong and the whole thing starts all over again, albeit in a more raw and violent way. Expect scenes way more graphic than last time.

Generally this was more of the same, albeit with a slight different take to the crisis (probably due to the change of director). As before, the plot discards any sense of tradition - heroes become bad guys, twists happen sooner rather than later and there are no happy endings. On top of this, the film seems a bit short - not much actually happens and unlike last time the whole thing is pretty much set in London.

The location is still as ace as before. There's nothing as chilling as a deserted and condemned London; it was especially strange watching this in West India Quay, just next door to where the beginning of the film was set. And I must admit I spent a lot of the way home looking over my shoulder, just in case I spotted a victim of Rage charging toward me.

Not as rewarding as I hoped it'd be, Weeks is still worth a watch if you wanted to know what exactly happens next.