Monday, May 7

Bank Holiday Chilling

You know, as fun as it is to get away for mini breaks over our long weekends, I've had some fantastic times at home too. I got to experience the best of both worlds this time, what with Geneva for Saturday and Sunday, and a fantastic chilled out lunch-dinner today.

It was supposed to be a barbecue, but that idea was soon dampened by the weather. Not that it made a difference - the food was great as expected (including a very scrumptious Chocolate Fudge Cake), and the company made up for any gloominess outside. We had cussing matches, immaturity and deeper conversations. We offended and endeared each other. We talked business as well as pleasure.

My only regret was that it happened to be a school night. Although I stayed as late as I could (and had been there for six hours or so already) I had already compromised my week ahead by missing my bedtime by such a margin. But then sleep is a insignificant price to pay for such joyous occasions, right?