Monday, May 28

Food: Shish Mahal Click for more info

Apparently one of Glasgow's oldest Indian restaurants, we chose this place based on the near flawless opinion of the collective Internet.

And it wasn't wrong in this case either. Lunch was picked off a very flexible set-menu, and the food was pretty good: it was lighter than other Indians but without skimping on quality or taste. We had prawns, shish kebabs, fish pakora, dhal, methi keema and lots of various chicken dishes. All were consistently good. Drinks on the other hand were disappointing; just stick to water and cokes.

The restaurant wasn't too fancy, but it was clean and tidy and so pleasant enough. The staff were very friendly and helped us in choosing our food. Best of all, the place was damn cheap, with us struggling to finish a spread costing not more than £8.50 per head. Brilliant.

I'm not Glaswegian so I can't say for sure, but I don't think you could do much better than this place. Especially after, say I dunno, climbing a mountain or something. Much recommended.