Sunday, May 20

Segregated Weddings

I just came back from what I can only describe as a super-segregated wedding reception. Now, I'm not complaining; I'll admit that I prefer the more co-ed kinda party, but I think guys are able to have fun in a single sex environment as well.

The venue was the London Muslim Centre, next door to the East London Mosque. Now segregated Muslim weddings are normal now (it would be pretty strange to go to a mixed one these days), but today the women were directed to a whole other floor. It made perfect practical sense since we all had the space and freedom to do what we do when we're in the exclusive company of members of the same sex (so Muslim women could take their hijabs off, while men would scratch their balls and fart without due care).

Overall, it was a nice wedding. The company was great (although there were only three of us who knew each other) and the food awesome also. We were all turned over rather efficiently, but we didn't really mind that much seeing how we didn't really know anyone there.

Still, I can't help but find the level of segregation a bit of a shame. I mean we were there on the girl's side, but we didn't even get the chance to see her or congratulate her personally ourselves. It was almost like taking only taking half a part in the celebrations... But then I guess the most important thing was that the happy couple were comfortable, and regarding that I'm sure that they were.