Friday, May 4

Breathing Space

After what seems like the most difficult few weeks at work since I started in my current job, the Friday of the first May Bank Holiday Weekend is finally here. This is good for two reasons: not only did we deliver a major, uh, deliverable to the business, but I'm also nipping off early to catch a flight to Geneva.

I don't talk about work that often on this blog, but the last few weeks have been pretty hard so they deserve a mention. Not only because of the stress it's caused me (which manifested itself in many practical ways), but also because of the more indirect consequences concerning those who know me; if you feel that I've been snubbing you over mail, Messenger or the phone, then this is (probably) why.

So will everything be back to normal after the break? Well to be honest I'm not sure it will be. This current bit of work was only the start of a much larger beast, so there will still be pressure on the team to get things done, at least for a while. I'm getting used to handling it though, so I expect things to become easier in that sense.

All I ask of others is to give me a bit of a break if I appear to be too busy to say hello or anything. It's not out of choice and although I must admit it's nice to be missed, I'm not something that can be called upon on demand!