Wednesday, May 2

A Ransom Note

At the time of writing, the total sponsorship I've received for the Ben Nevis thing totals around £650. If you have given support then you have my eternal gratitude.

However I can't help but notice that those who read my blog (whether I know them personally or not) are somewhat missing for the list of current sponsors. Of course, I understand how you are all busy and stuff, but it has been a while since my initial plea, which happens to be sticking to the top of Radio Shak for those who don't visit regularly - and if the requests I've had to update my blog are anything to go by then you are all reading. I can't help but conclude that some are either being lazy or stingy or even both.

Not that I'm disappointed or anything (hey, I can be tight and lazy with the best of them), but I do owe it to my chosen charity to extor- sorry, I mean encourage any possible sponsorship as much as possible.

And so yes, it seems to have come to this.

I will be putting my blog on an access list from Friday and until a set period after the climb finishes (I've yet to decide how long exactly, but it'll be at least for a week). For those of you who have already shown any support: if you send me your Google account name I'll add you to the list of allowed viewers and hopefully you can continue accessing the site.

For those of you who have not, if you eventually decide to step up I'll be more than willing to take your money and add you to the list as well. Of course, the more you give the better for the charity, but because of the unusual circumstances I'll need at least £15 before allowing access. I may overlook this if you get the money in before Friday.

Yes, it's despicable. But my hand has been forced and no one is more unhappy about this than I am. You can only blame yourselves for this extreme action.