Tuesday, May 29

Climbed! Shak Climbed! Click for more info

It seems like ages ago that I first announced the climb way back in April. With God's grace the total amount raised stands at a whopping £1,630, far outstripping the amount raised the last time I asked for sponsorships. A big thanks to all that showed support; I'm flattered to be honest!

If you haven't yet donated but would like to, the Justgiving page is still open. And of course I'm still available to take cash or cheques. I'll no longer be bothering anyone to do so, so don't worry about being nagged.

The whole Ulfa Aid thing was different from my usual activities in that it really would have been difficult to do without the support of others, especially with respect to the Chelsea thing. Because of this, I'm going to take the unusual step of name checking all that made it so possible:

  • Mohammad, for lending me his walking boots.
  • Sarah and Fatima, for choosing to keep me company on the late Saturday flight up.
  • Sohail, for dropping me off after leaving Stamford Bridge.
  • Sofia, for allowing us to use her home as a launch pad.
  • Sarah again, for actually bringing food for the climb.
  • Sofia again, for actually bringing water for the climb.
  • Zulfiqar, for securing me a bed in the hostel in my absence.
  • Nazia, for letting me know about the climb in the first place. Oh, and for lending me her stick.
  • My Dad, for lending me his badass Puma jacket.
And as promised, here are the name checks for the more generous sponsors (as well as the Justgiving donations, I've had a fair amount given directly, details of which can be found here):

  • Hamida (possibly dumping interest, but I don't care),
  • Mohammad (generous as ever),
  • Grishma (was probably drunk or something),
  • My Mum (biased probably),
  • Steve (even if it was just to beat someone else),
  • Michael Hintze (my boss),
  • Anon (my largest donor chose to do it on the sly),
  • John Johnson (from work and out of nowhere, so especially thankful)
  • Paul Casey (ditto),
  • Martin Pabari (ditto),
  • My Dad (even though he did it via Justgiving humph).
I'm sure I've missed loads from both lists, so make sure you keep coming back for any updates. However you gave support, a big big thanks; perhaps it's not my place to do so but I am taking it personally and so am extremely flattered.