Wednesday, May 16

Goodbye Ghazal

And just like that, she's gone. My favourite candidate of all series so far, Ghazal's fate in the show was as secure as the future of the Jam trainers she headed the creation of. Sigh. Ironically, she was performed the best in her final hour; it's just a shame that the talent demonstrated (some great hair and a wicked laugh) wasn't really relevant to the task at hand.

An even bigger disappointment is how the treachery of Katie might have had something to do with her exit. I know we're on the all-seeing side of the television screen, but how can the candidates not pick up on her game? Maybe the manipulation of others is a simple thing to get away with after all...

So, who to support now? Well, Naomi and Jadine are definitely the weakest of the bunch; I expect them to disappear soon. Katie, who is still in only because she makes good telly, will be discarded once the serious picking begins. That leaves Simon, Tre, Kristina and Lohit and of these the guys definitely have the edge. After that it's way too close to call, although I know I'll be cheering for Tre.

But for now, goodbye Ghazal. You were great while you lasted and for someone of your age you've achieved much more than many of us watching ever will. However at the end of the day I can't really push myself to disagree with Sir Alan's decision; ultimately an Apprentice you are not.