Thursday, February 2


xxxx: shakiiiiiiiil
Shak: sup mofo
xxxx: my fn key has stopped working
xxxx: if there any way I could have disabled it accidently?
xxxx: and if so, can I enable it again?
xxxx: I need it to switch from the laptop's LCD to an external monitor
Shak: lol
Shak: you know im not sure whether to be insulted or flattered
xxxx: well, you are the computer, expert
xxxx: so, please be flattered
Shak: i have no idea how to fix your fn key


xxxx: do you know if its possible to have disabled it?
Shak: its quite possible
xxxx: how would enable it?
Shak: by doing whatever you did to disable it in reverse?
xxxx: oh god you're hopeless
xxxx: call yourself a geek??
Shak: sorry :(
xxxx: maybe yyyy will know
xxxx: he's clever
Shak: :(