Sunday, February 5


That's Bring Your Own Meat. Ha ha.

A BBQ on a particularly cold Saturday night in early February? Only in Redbridge. Having said that, it was another classic Collective BBQ that passed way too quickly. The jokes ran, and the meat flowed; we will find out tomorrow morning exactly how well cooked it all was.

The Collective BBQ is dangerously close to becoming a ritual - we each knew our place and job and what needed to be done, and we all got on with it without getting in each other's way. It's once of those weird groupthink things where everyone chips in the most efficient way forming a natural order. It's hard to explain but I'm sure you've each experienced it. We even spent close to an hour driving around looking for dessert, in exactly the same way we had done the last time around. Brilliant.

Y'know, there was a time when something like this wouldn't end till the early hours of the next morning, yet here I am typing a little after midnight. Man, we're getting old.

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