Friday, February 24

Scary Baby II Click for more info

Well, since I was told how babies were supposed to be clever and stuff, I've refrained from blogging about the tricks and things that Idris continues to impress me with. After all, I don't want to bore anyone with non-exceptional activity that they see themselves everyday with their own babies, right?

However I just have to record the fact that he can now use a mouse. You know, so that he can control a computer, click on icons and pictures and navigate the CBeebies website effectively. Hah.

For those that don't follow his age (that's at least me since I had to go look it up just now) he's not even three yet. Now that just can't be normal... Can it? Let me know please!


  1. my niece is around the same age as Idris and she can play about on the cbeebies website too - man sick of singing the silly tweenies songs!

  2. i have 2 nephews to deal with when i meet my sis but yeah, pretty good for a 3 yr old..