Thursday, February 23

Me? Vain? Never!

So aunty ji asked for a mini profile in order to pass to a friend of hers. And as with all of these things, the mini-profile required a picture of me to be attached.

It turns out, however, that the latest appropriate (meaning not of the 2004 marathon) solo snap I have of myself was taken way back in 2003, from my trip to Bali, and even that wasn't taken by my camera (and in fact is the same picture I used for my profile and yet another reason why that needs updating).

Not sure if that's a good thing (I'm not self indulgent, hooray) or bad thing (it's certainly a hassle when creating profiles, boo), but luckily for aunty ji my trusted K750i enabled me to quickly fill that particular gap in my collection. Although perhaps I should have combed my hair first though. Hmm.