Thursday, February 16

Goodbye Gym

My gym membership expired today, and I'm not renewing. With a treadmill at home now it's only a small step matter of getting some more weights and maybe even a multigym to replace a fully blown one (and the £500 annual subscription fee that comes with it).

I just wish I had taken before-pictures of myself just to see how much I haven't changed in a year...


  1. >>I just wish I had taken before-pictures of myself

    i thought you had .. those sumo pictures :)

  2. the thing buying gym equipemtn at home isi once the novelty wears off, you hardly use it gets boring minus the social thing of going to the gym. my sister has spent alot of money on stuff..and the x trainer is rarely used..although im told it is. by my mum heh.

    i wanna join the gym cos im so unfit that its prolly the reason why im always whingeing of backpain or leg pain or whatnot. but the thing is im so lazy that i dont go and use the faciilities its like a waste of mney, so tehn i stopped going last time and and then i just plain whinge. like im doing now.