Sunday, February 5

Shak's Choice: Soha Ali Khan

It was inevitable really. Considering that she was someone whom I thought was very plain this is quite the u-turn from me. Again.

I think it's her ability to pull off almost any style that gets me. Sure, maybe there are certain features that, ahem, stick out, but she more than makes up for it with her sheer class. Oh, and Saif would make a wicked brother-in-law too.

EDIT: And I've just found out that she's almost exactly the same age as me (within three days, in fact). It's definitely a sign.


  1. why are all the women you fancy placed under the heading of "shaks choice"?

    like theyre playboy bunnies of the month .. or something

    anywho, yeh i really liked her in RDB, her hair was fab!!

    shes saif ali khans sister u knw

  2. I agree she looked amazingly good in RDB. But she is ugly in real life. I saw her interview on B4U and she just looked ugly. Maybe it was bad mek up day.

    In my book - if you are good looking then you will look good anytime and any day.

    Ayeshia Takia - gets my vote.

  3. eurghh

    I agree akash...she is unattractive..but just a tad worse than Ayesha Takia, Imho. Chi. Your taste in women is deteriorating as youre entering old age, Shak... fixation for female news readers continues...check out Mishal Hussain..

  4. >>if you are good looking then you will look good anytime and any day.

    not sure i agree. i've always believed if youre naturally pretty/good looking, you will have good days and bad(but ultimately never 'ugly'). whereas if youre plastered with make up and always 'supposed' to look good, then you shouldnt really have actresses looking ugly..or maybe they cant enhance S.A.Khan's features enough? I duno. Ok. perhaps above theory is alittle flawed..walking out of this one right now..

  5. shaksy, she used to date kanav, a really good friend of mine, when i was my final year of a-levels. met her a couple of times as well when I went to delhi- pretty cute but super high maintenance.

  6. lol

    but shak she's too hot for you :p

    and Akash she does have a dodgy chin no? and hell shak she cant be your age!!!

  7. >>Ayeshia Takia - gets my vote

    she was looking cute in yesterdays saregama and I bet tahts the only reason you were watching the show Akash!

  8. She looks like her mummy...

  9. >>and Akash she does have a dodgy chin no? and hell shak she cant be your age!!!

    she is indeed our age!

  10. Rohit .. our age? - Shaks older them me so can you confirm how old she really is .. ahem :)

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  12. Nah. A bit bland methinks. Not like the hot Hot HOT Malika Sherawat pictured here at Cannes. Does anyone know if those are real?

    To be honest though, despite my Priyanka fixation, I think the most attractive actress in India that I'm aware of is Nandita Das. And she can act too!

  13. Votes please...Aishwarya or Nandita. I say Nandita, Shakalaka Baby says Aishwarya.

  14. i'm with you on this one Ossie .. Nandita gets my vote

    anyway if we are drooooling then its gotta be over Abhi baby

  15. sushmita sen! all woman and so much more...

  16. if i have to agree with anyone its gona be roht. i think sushy is a fine speciman of a Lady(hell what would i know byt anyway)..

    akash: no way..oh man..and youve introduced "im so fake" Kaif..chi. i thought you had standards, man!

    Osie: Nandita comes across more natural than Ash does..but Ashy isnt one of the most beautful women in the world for no reason. she has cute, western appealing, features..on first quick fire answer i would instantly say Ashy is more attractive than Nandita. and i think many people out there would(especially males of course). oh and btw...i've done a complete u-turn on liking her(obviously not for the same reasons as you though)..

    >>Not like the hot Hot HOT Malika Sherawat pictured here at Cannes

    although having wasted my time typing ut the above, im now thnking you boys other assets when deciding whether you like a woman or not. She has got them but thats prolly the only thing she has.

    anyway, can we move on to male actors now?

    ive totally gone off hrithik. anyone see his new hairstyle?? hes going bald too. im warming to Shaid Kapoor(he's ace in the Fitna dil dance scenes)

    and Abhisehk bachan..yknowi actually think the only movie he seemed hot hot hot in is Mein prem hi deewaani hoon. he looks cute and innocent. now..euurghh.

    and droooooll@john. check out his hair!

    while im at it, anyoen interested, check out Tom Welling & Rupert Penry Jones. I'd appreciate any new feedback on these hot babes.

  17. y'all know nothing. sushmita is good looking but she had implants and ....

    where as ayeshia takia and katrina kaif are all natural. plus ayeshia's voice is sweet.

    i am telling you she will be the top actress in the hindi film industry in next five year.

  18. SHE HAD IMPLANTS?!?!?!?OMG!!!THATS IT...ive gone off her like..*completely*!!

  19. From the links Mr. P has provided Ayeisha Takia looks the cutest.

    Don't really dig Shakils choice, shes seems ok.

  20. Sofia you just have bad taste - thatt kapoor boy .. gosh thats yuk! mind you i think I dislike him more because he is Kareena's boy friend.

  21. Maybe i'm not fussy, but they all look all quite fit to me.

  22. >>Maybe i'm not fussy, but they all look all quite fit to me.

    thats great news Beej, although i disagree with H.R looking fit now..he used to. and i dont think there are that many fit male actors..quite sad really.

    SRK will always reign though.

  23. She does look good in this photo and the movie - she is talented, but she has gotten herself as many face surgery as MJ!