Tuesday, February 28

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I finally got around to checking out the first episode last night, and what an enjoyable watch it was. It was much like the beginning of the first season, although it's clear that the producers are even better at making the contestants all look like total wan... idiots. Wicked.

Syed's done well by becoming the smarmiest of the lot, although I don't think that will help him win anything. Everyone else seems extremely normal (which is a good thing), but what I did notice was how much more immature these guys were compared to the S1 bunch (who were pretty bad themselves). And the lack of integrity! Jeez, I know business is cutthroat, but I still believe a businessman needs some character.

I don't see how any of these guys can run a bath let alone a company. The exchange between Ben and Syed at the end of episode one was fantastic though.

Still, like last time, twelve weeks is way too long in my opinion. I dipped out of the first season for most of the middle, and will probably do the same this time. For now, I'm loving it.

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