Sunday, February 5

Film: Rang De Basanti Click for more info

Brilliant and well made - easily one of my favourite Bolly movies already. Good production, a wicked script and a near perfect plot helped, but not more than having that rare magic great films have. The cast are fantastic too, with Alice Patten demonstrating better Hindi than I ever could and Soha Ali Khan growing on me even more.

I think what made it so good was how inspirational and motivational it was without being lecturey or dragging. And it was more than it's message too; even without that I suspect the characters and feeling would have carried it through. In fact, I was enjoying it a lot before the mid way twist and change in direction.

Which brings me to the near perfect plot. It would be tough to explain it specifically without giving away too much, so I'll just say it seemed rushed at times with some bits deserving way more attention and care then they got. And like so many other Bolly films, RDB also suffers from having a post interval that's just not as good as the pre. But those are just niggles.

I'll say it again: this is a brilliant film and well worth catching. It even has enough English in it to relate to those that aren't into Bolly much.

EDIT: Rohit pretty much sums up what I feel about the second half (complete with spoilers) here, although unlike The Ho these flaws weren't quite enough to ruin the whole film for me.