Saturday, February 4

Film: Munich Click for more info

A well done film which, although dragging in a few places, turned out to be of pretty compelling stuff. It manages to be unbiased (although being non-anti-Arab is kinda fashionable nowadays) but even apart from that tells a good story.

It's also paradoxically deep yet straightforward (probably 'cos it's teaching the classic primary school lesson of violence leading to more violence that we all should already know) and easy on the brain - there are no complex conspiracies or levels of power to keep track of here.

Definitely worth checking out.

1 comment:

  1. yeh i watched this over the weekend too

    i didnt think it was anything... particularly special

    i liked the gory bits tho.. but im weird like that

    i think its cos my cousin hyped it up, it s not biased.. blah blah blah
    who cares?

    like you said... thats the trend these days!!