Sunday, February 12


What is it about bowling that can make a player do so badly one go and yet so well the next? Of course this inconsistency smacks of inexperience, the latter being a result of luck most of the time.

But yeh, we went bowling today. I say "we" although that might be the wrong word to use there having been 30 of us. We were divided into teams relevant to where we came from (The East, West and South respectively), and ours went to the lanes honestly believing that we were gonna lose; so much so that we were determined to have fun instead.

And have fun we did. Bowling is so much more enjoyable when you're not concentrating on winning. Ironically, though, this seemed to have had the paradoxical effect of improving our game (our, ahem, least abled player got a few strikes, and I even got a personal average beating 100). So much so that we actually won - winning absolutely even though we had a player less. Go us.

Of course with our gracious nature we didn't rub it in too much; we didn't even pull out the cache of water pistols we had brought along. Although having said that I'm not sure the other teams realised that it was only a friendly game; some were clearly upset and even went as far as to swear vengeance. We tried explaining that it wasn't our fault we were naturally good at bowling and that the other teams had their own gifts, but they were in no mood to reflect on that.

Alas the evening was marred by my having to miss out on the team's celebratory dinner, but I was with them in spirit. Can't wait for the next one, hah.

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