Sunday, February 26

Game: Ico (PS2) Click for more info

Hmm. I don't get it.

Critically acclaimed by everyone who knows videogames (which are those that don't play FIFA and WWF games really), I've finally gotten around to play Ico via its recent reissue. And I just don't get it. Granted, I've only played 40 minutes or so, but I don't see how the controls, combat, graphics or, well, gameplay is going to improve much later on.

Perhaps it's 'cos it's an old game and I've already played Prince Of Persia (which, frankly, this seems the poor man's version of). I will say that I'm mildly impressed with the level design so far and that the puzzles have been pretty clever, but I see myself getting VERY frustrated with wrestling with the aforementioned controls, both while navigating the levels and fighting the bad guys.

I dunno. It's a curiosity at best, but I guess I fall in the "Ico is massively overrated" camp. I'm too old and busy to play games that a) leave my hands and fingers hurting and b) have me thinking "I wonder what else I have to do" while playing them.

I'll give it another couple of hours, but unless things change very soon I think I'll be returning it uncompleted. A shame really. I wonder if things improve with SotC?

EDIT: So it clicked. And yes, I love it. Brilliant game and one of the few to leave my jaw literally dropping. All games should be like this.

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