Sunday, February 19

I'm A Loner

I actually lied in my post below. Hidden was special, but not for being a well made engrossing film. No, Hidden was special because it was the first film I had seen in the cinema on my own. Yes, that's right, I knew no one there.

I've always been the first to admit that my fear of going on my jones was irrational - I mean I watch (and sometimes even prefer) to watch DVDs and the like alone and it was obvious that the only thing I was afraid of was to actually do it for the first time. I wasn't even worried about having the pee taken out of me (like I always did to single guests I saw at the cinema).

But the fact was that no one wanted to go watch Hidden, and I've missed way too many films because people were either not up for it or busy (ie no real reason at all). And of course it wasn't painful or less enjoyable - I did miss having someone to heckle and laugh with, but on reflection that's better than not going at all, right?

And now that I have been I know I'll be going again. Heck I might even begin to prefer it! Either way I'll be watching what I want, when I want


  1. i dont know what ur talking about...obviously..ive never been on my own..

  2. ha, you complete loser!