Sunday, August 7

YAW (Yet Another Wedding)

Well not quite since this was the valima corresponding to Friday's event. Idris was with us attention seeking (as usual) and I even got to meet and sit next to an old neighbour of mine from Leytonstone which was nice. Interestingly, although I was the oldest on our table (not by much, mind), I was the only one without stories of parental pressure of marriage and rishtas.

Take this wedding; there seemed to be more girlies here than usual (although it may have just seemed that way to me since it was the first non-segregated wedding I had been to in a LONG time). But I'm confident that, despite my parents impressive networking skills (they know how to work a party), they won't sort anything out. It's actually quite frustrating - you know, I honestly think that my folks are broken or something.

No comments pointing out any obvious irony please.


  1. do your parents know that you want them to find you someone?

  2. How many weddings do you go to?