Sunday, August 7

YAW (Yet Another Wedding)

Well not quite since this was the valima corresponding to Friday's event. Idris was with us attention seeking (as usual) and I even got to meet and sit next to an old neighbour of mine from Leytonstone which was nice. Interestingly, although I was the oldest on our table (not by much, mind), I was the only one without stories of parental pressure of marriage and rishtas.

Take this wedding; there seemed to be more girlies here than usual (although it may have just seemed that way to me since it was the first non-segregated wedding I had been to in a LONG time). But I'm confident that, despite my parents impressive networking skills (they know how to work a party), they won't sort anything out. It's actually quite frustrating - you know, I honestly think that my folks are broken or something.

No comments pointing out any obvious irony please.