Monday, August 1

Radio Request

Does anyone fancy taking part in a radio panel discussion regarding the London bombings almost a month ago? The programme will cover a range of issues relating to the London Bombings including:

  • The fear and safety of Londoners,
  • The state of race relations in the country since the bombings,
  • Muslims have been criticised for not integrating enough - is this fair?
  • The role of faith leaders,
  • 'Shoot-to-kill' policy,
  • Motivation for the bombers - can Blair's foreign policy be blamed?

The station itself is The BBC Asian Network and it says here that they need "vocal people who have questions to ask of the authorities, groups that represent the people and terrorism experts".

It's being held on the 8th between 9am and noon somewhere in East London. If you're interested, let me know.