Wednesday, August 17


Shak says: just need to elave early today and wondering how to
xxxx says: you need to leave early?
xxxx says: eeermm just say you need to go somewhere?
Shak says: hahahah
xxxx says: eh whats so funny
Shak says: im not sure i can just say that
Shak says: or maybe i can. id unno
xxxx says: dentist/doctor/belly ache/start sneezing.. anything man
xxxx says: im sure youre a great actor
xxxx says: or be honest and tell em you'll make up the extra time
Shak says: well feigning illness is the easy way out
xxxx says: innit
Shak says: but i dont fake illness
xxxx says: innit again
xxxx says: i so knew you wouldnt
Shak says: then why suggest it?
xxxx says: just to see whether i could influence you! duh!
Shak says: im just gonna act like i own the placce and leave
xxxx says: mwahahaha
xxxx says: i like that idea "i am the king of my galaxy"
Shak says: oh please. itd take more than a girl to inlfuence me
xxxx says: pfft yah right
Shak says: if i let every girl who tried to succeed... well lets just say i wouldnt be as pure and innocent as i am now
xxxx says: hahahahaha again yah right