Wednesday, August 17


xxxx says: oh man
xxxx says: you know
xxxx says: evangeline lily
xxxx says: gues who sh'es going out with
Shak says: who?!"?!!?
xxxx says: the fucking hobbit"!
Shak says: nott hat hobbit
Shak says: oh man KNEW IT
xxxx says: I don't like here anywmore
Shak says: i duno why i had the feeling.. maybe ive seen them in a opiccie
xxxx says: also the fact that she dumped her husband after gaining fame
Shak says: what!??!!?1
Shak says: i hate girls that do that
xxxx says: her poor husband supported her while she was waitreseing and stuff
xxxx says: don't like here anymore
xxxx says: slag
Shak says: thats why i'll never marry a fittie
xxxx says: nah man ..
xxxx says: you gtet fitties who are decent ppl
xxxx says: but it's the ones who are desperate for fame
xxxx says: those ar the ones you gotta look out for
Shak says: lol ok ill bear that in mind
xxxx says: b esure that you do
xxxx says: and make sure you marrrt ya fittie