Monday, August 29

Lazy Monday

Got a call yesterday from the groom of the wedding that was supposed to be held today. I say supposed because the reason he called was to tell me not to come since it had been cancelled. I didn't press on the reason, but it is a bummer.

This means that my Bank Holiday Monday won't be as busy as I thought it would be. So after forcing a 20 minute lie in (BHMs being the only days I don't have to wake up to a chore for) here I am wondering what I'll do for the rest of it. Still, after yesterday I need to recover a bit and so a part of me wants to just stay indoors and veg in front of the telly, catching up on the series, Bollywood and videogames that I need to catch up on. The other part of me considers that staying in would be a total waste of such a beautiful day.

I'll prolly end up doing a bit of both though.


  1. beautiful day - it's not al;l that beautiful here ... its kinda cold :(

  2. i can't believe you're not more curious about why the wedding got cancelled. i don't even know the guy and i'm all agog with curiosity. cancelling your wedding on the day is the stuff of good dramas ...well ok B-movies and soaps anyway

  3. ohmagash

    me too, why did they cancel?
    im sure hes acting like he doesnt care cos he knows that we will!!

    ha ha!! im so onto you shakalaka!!!