Sunday, August 14

New Music

Naam Adaa Likhna - Yahaan

It's not often I take to the personal recommendation of someone else, but there are always exceptions like this one, although I think I had heard this before anyway. A softly sung ballad; the kind that makes me wanna walk gently on my tip toes for some reason.

Yaara Di Yaari - Hunterz Feat Ishar

Is this an old song? I don't know, but it's taken from Hunterz' old Phat Trax album and sung with what seems like his brother. Superb cheese ("London town put yer hands up BO!") and almost identikit bhangra made this a must have for me.

I Can Feel It (Club Mix) - Sabrina Feat. Sir Aah

Remix of the previously mentioned tune by Sabrina, now featuring a rap by Bump & Grind's Sir Aah. I initially hated it but now realise that the revamp is exactly what the track needed to last another couple of months on my playlist.