Tuesday, August 2

All K750i'd Up

Around two and bit months after its release, I've finally got myself a SE K750i. Yes, I know at least three other people who have it (and I have a hunch of who will be first to remind me of this fact) but the delay was the price I had to pay to avoid getting a Vodafone Live! handset instead of the stock version I now have.

While I'm on the topic, it's a shame that Vodafone feel a need to barstadise such a good phone and an even bigger shame that SE have to whore themselves in this manner to survive, but that's life in a business where a company like Nokia is market leader. But I digress.

So here I am, waiting for my phonebook to transfer (in its entirety over Bluetooth, naturally) to the new phone for testing but for some reason I'm not excited. It could be the delay in getting the phone since the SE K750, despite the best non-smartphone out, has still been out for a while now. It also could be that I think that I now want another phone, the Orange SPV C550 instead. For my own sanity, here are pros for each:

For the SE K750i:

  • It's a Sony Ericsson, who have had my custom since the PH768 days. Despite some niggles, the T610 will probably be my most favourite phone ever due to the way it just works. SE really have a knack of making good phones, and the K750i won't be any different. I am assured of a good BT implementation, good contacts management, nice enough support and few bugs.
  • A fantastic camera. I've wanted to start taking more piccies and, as my recent run in with the police shows, cameraphones leave a lot to be desired. The camera on the K750i is top notch, but not just for the number of pixels it can snap but its lens and ability to autofocus (a first for a phone, I think).
  • My existing PDA will not be made redundant by it.
  • Keeping this handset will not involve playing swapsie with a friend (which sometimes does complicate things) or waiting even longer for a new phone.
For the SPV C550:
  • It's a smartphone, running Windows Mobile 2003. This means it offers a level of flexibility you won't get on other non-smartphones, like being able to run Tomtom, MSN Messenger, Windows Media Player 10 (which is different to the K750i's since it supports synchonisation with a host PC) and even things I may want to write for it myself.
  • It has a wonderful contacts browser. Now this may sound lame but if you ever get a chance to play with it, I think you'll fall in love with it too. Think T9 for your addressbook and you'll get an idea. The thing is that there's no reason why this couldn't be implemented on non-smartphones too.
  • I won't have to invest in Memory Stick (I need at least 512MB of memory just for music).
  • Unlike the K750i, common people don't have it. Ahem.
Hmm. I think after listing the above I'm leaning towards the K750i, since I have a relatively new PDA and really do want a nice camera to use. I also can't keep wanting the latest phone (can anyone spell D500?), and to be honest it's only been the contacts browser on the SPV that's really wowed me (although WMP synchronistaion would be nice too).

Whatever the case, I guess it's a good sign that my life is so lacking in any real problems that I only have to worry about which phone to get!