Thursday, August 18

A-Levels Hoo Ha

Jebus. I can't believe that it was eight years ago that a bunch of mates and I went to LSC to pick up our results. For some of us it was a formality, for others it seemed like the most important thing in their lives. It was an exciting day for all of us though - those that knew where they stood were rooting for those who didn't. No one wanted to be disappointed.

I'm interested in two sets of results today, one from each of the above camps. Due to the bizarre online UCAS systems (how things have advanced eh?), the first student knows that his chosen university (Imperial, no less. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad for him) has accepted him and so has a good idea of his grades (give or take an A). He'll have no anticipation to deal with when he goes to college to pick up his results. He'll be able to enjoy today and be there for others who may not have made it like he did.

The second case is not so straightforward. Without getting into the detail, her results will be the start of a possibly long and arduous clearing session; there are no guarantees here.

I won't claim to know what it feels like to be in the latter situation, but however patronising it may sound I've met enough people to know that A-levels don't have to mean as much we might want them to. People have gone on to do great things with much less while some with fantastic grades are currently wondering at which point their straight As had failed them. I'd be the last person to say they don't mean anything at all, but they really are a only a part of what will be your future. The rest, quite cheesily, is up to you.