Saturday, August 27

The Panoramic City Circle: A Question of Leadership - Part II Click for more info

Today's City Circle was busier than usual, and we decided that this was partly due to Inayat Bunglawala being on the panel, but mainly due to the coverage the weekly gathering had on Sunday's Panorama programme.

The discussion itself was good, but not as great as some of the previous panel format CCs. It was amusing because of the characters present (the aforementioned Bungawala as well as Martin Bright of the Observer) but I'm not sure if the ground covered was anything more than rhetoric from all sides. It was my first time seeing Inayat speaking live, and my respect for him has grown (after dipping for a few years).

Still, with the popularity and exposure of the CC rising each week, I predict it will attract bigger names and crowds. I just hope it manages to avoid the bad things that popularity sometimes inevitably brings.